I've heard rumors that something is moving into the old ACME Draft House. The ACME Draft House closed its doors forever during the pandemic several years ago. We need a family restaurant in Bayville. 

The ACME Draft House is located in the Berkeley Plaza in Bayville, the ShopRite Plaza. Being a Berkeley Township resident, I know we need something really good in Bayville. ACME Draft House was very popular, especially their Irish Nachos, they were the best. I was hoping that once restaurants opened up once again, so would ACME.

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The restaurant is right next to a liquor store and the pet store. The plaza is usually packed because of ShopRite. It's a great location for another restaurant. I'm thinking it might be a great space for a brewing company or a distillery. I think that would be pretty cool for Bayville.

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Recently I was asking, "What do you want to see in Bayville?" We had lots of answers from a fun place for kids and families - a roller rink, a game room, a Sky-Zone, and so many more family places were on the list. It would be nice to have something close by so we wouldn't have to go to Toms River or further for some fun for the family.

Correct me if I'm wrong and I'm trying to find out, I believe I heard a brewery and restaurant might move in there, but nothing has ever happened, that I know of. We definitely need a nice sit-down restaurant in Bayville, this is a good spot for it.

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