We love to celebrate the stars from New Jersey  any way we can. We are proud of them and we are proud to call them our own. And we think we know everything about them. Let's test that with a round of the New Jersey Celebrity Name Game.

You may be thinking to yourself that the names are the easiest piece of trivia you could possibly be testes on. And you'd normally be right, but what if we only focused on the parts of the names of these celebrities you may have never heard of?

Well, of course that is exactly what we're going to do. In the first round we'll give the bare basics. No clues, just a part of the name and let's see how many of these celebrities you can get...

#1 Initials: NJJ

#2 Middle name: Otto

#3 Last name: Mathoper

#4 First and middle name: John Joseph

#5 First and middle name: Dana Elaine

In case you didn't get all of them here's a clue for each celebrity...

#1 Oh, brother

#2 Rumson

#3 His business is risk

#4 Here's Johnnnny!

#5 Her last name is Owens

We don't want to give you a headache, but we don't want to spoil it for people who's eyes wander down while they're playing so we will present the answers backward. Here they are...

#1 sanoJ kciN

#2 htuP eilrahC

#3  esiurC moT

#4 noslohciN kcaJ

#5 hafitaL neeuQ

I'm not going to lie to you. Typing those answers backwards was the hardest thing I've done in weeks. And it also might be the hardeset work you've done in a while to read it. Just hold your device up to a mirror. Thanks for playing!

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