Whether on the air or more likely online there are always segments about what is the best.  Best pizza, best bagels, best sushi, best sports bar, best ice cream and on and on.  While I have done things like best Christmas movies, best holiday songs, best sports films and more I have never tackled anything that has to do with food even though I do have strong opinions on some of the categories.  The reason is quite simple.

I have been a part of WOBM for more than 43 years and as you might imagine have built some really great relationships with people in business and I treasure those very much.  I also know that many if not most business owners believe that their product…whatever it is happens to be is the best.  So imagine how these “friends” would feel if I did a list of say the top five places for pizza in Ocean County and didn’t include them?  The obvious answer might be to include them no matter what but what if I believe strongly they don’t belong there. Doesn’t that make the entire list nothing more than a waste of time or space?

Here’s the other thing.  How much do we care about the opinions of others?  Sure it can steer you in a direction but how many times have you engaged in a conversation in which someone told you about something they really enjoyed and you had the exact opposite opinion.  It could be food, movies, hotels…even doctors.  We are unique and often are our opinions of what we like and don’t like and what we think is good or bad.

By the way I could never come up with a list of the top five places for pizza…well I could but boy would I lose a friend or two.

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