The Monmouth County Sheriff's Office is warning residents to beware of rising phone scams and spoofing calls after receiving more than nine registered complaints.

Sheriff Shaun Golden says scammers claiming to be from his office have been calling residents, saying they owe money. In some cases, some are being told they skipped out on a fine or failed to show up for jury. Now they have to pay a fine immediately through a pre-paid debit card over the phone in order to avoid an arrest.

Golden says the scammers are using a technique called "spoofing," in which they use technology to modify a call from a number when it's actually not that number. But the calls appear to be coming from the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office so victims think they are legit.

Golden wants to make something very clear: His agency does not make phone calls threatening arrest warrants for unpaid fines.

He says if you think you're being scammed, hang up immediately and call the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office to make sure. That number is 732-431-6400 ext. 1126.

Golden urges residents to be wary of callers who claim they are law enforcement officers who will help for a fee.

Put yourself on the federal "do not call" list. The toll free number is 1-888-382-1222 or visit

Never send money through a pre-paid debit card over the phone if asked. Never give out personal information over the phone, including Social Security numbers, date of birth, debit card numbers, credit card numbers or bank account numbers.

The most important message Golden has for Monmouth County residents is just hang up the phone and report it.

"It's not rude, it's shrewd. Hang up the phone if you think you're being scammed," he said.

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