If you field a call at home from someone who threatens you with arrest or fines for missed jury duty that you didn't even know you had, hang up and call police.


Scammers hope that the fear of expensive and lengthy - but actually nonexistent - legal procedures, and possibly time behind bars, will scare you into handing them money.

Police in Jackson Township and other communities are spreading word from the FBI's Philadelphia Division and the U.S. Marshals Service NJ District about this latest phone scam twist. Fear is the prime motivator, and knee-jerk action is the catalyst.

Callers claim to represent the Marshals Service or county sheriffs, advising of an arrest warrant issued for failure to appear for federal or local jury duty. The potential victim is told of a mandatory fine and a followup appearance in court.

If you've bought into it to this point, you'll start to understand that you're being suckered, because you'll be told to buy a prepaid debit card and relay the card information to the caller - before the court appearance.

After calling local police, victims of online and phone scams can file complaints at the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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