PETA has expanded their alternate phrases list this week to a billboard in Stafford Township.

A billboard on East Bay Avenue near Marsha Drive is urging people to not have the traditional feast of the seven fishes, a traditional Italian dinner on Christmas Eve, because fish have feelings too.

The sign says, "I'm ME, not MEAT - See the Individual. Go Vegan".

In a statement obtained by the Press of Atlantic City, Colleen O'Brien, Vice President of PETA said, "just like humans, fish feel pain and fear and value their own lives-and they deserve our compassion. PETA's billboard encourages everyone to celebrate the holidays with delicious vegan meals that offer some peace on Earth to sensitive fish."

PETA also said the billboard location, which is placed between a couple of seafood restaurants in Stafford Township, was selected because "many residents are of Italian decent."

Earlier this week a social media post from PETA went viral after they came up with alternate phrases for common sayings.

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