So we all have pet peeves, some of us more than others and I have a lot.

One of them deals with waiters or waitresses who do not at least acknowledge you once you are seated by a hostess in a restaurant.  You should never have to sit there wondering who your server is as you watch several go by and nobody says anything to you. That’s strike one.

Over the weekend we sat for at least five minutes in a restaurant wondering when somebody was going to come over and at least tell us they were our server and would be with us shortly.  That’s the proper thing to do and far too often you sit and wait like you are not even there.

By the way the person who turned out to be our waiter had the table next to us and walked by twice without saying a word before finally coming over and greeting us.  He could have made up for it by apologizing for the delay but did not.  Strike two.

The weather is supposed to improve this afternoon so hopefully the championship games of the Shore Conference Baseball and Softball Tournaments will be played tonight as scheduled.  Toms River North will play surprising Central for the baseball title at FirstEnergy Park while St. John Vianney faces Donovan Catholic in the softball final at Count Basie Park.

That will be the second meeting in five days between the two powers with Vianney winning last week on their way to the Non-Public “A” state championship.

The anemic Mets offense will get a boost tomorrow night when Todd Frazier returns to the lineup for their game against Baltimore.  The Toms River native has been sidelined since going on the disabled list May 8th with a strained hamstring.  Frazier went 4-9 with 3 RBI’s in three games with the Mets Triple A team in Las Vegas before returning to New York on Sunday.

Back to the restaurant pet peeves. Here’s another.  When a customer pays in cash and hands over the check and money do not ask them if they want change.  If what they are leaving includes the tip let them tell you, otherwise you should bring the change back.  That’s it for now.


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