Everyone knows that the holidays are all about giving, but they are also about seeing how much weight we can all gain, am I right? I know I’m right. During this time of the year we all sit around and do nothing but eat sweet treats, and drink tons of egg nog. Well, this year we might actually be able to maintain our weight and not for a good reason. We have a cookie shortage on our hands! 

According to delish, food supply challenges may impact your grocery store's cookie aisles this holiday season, Pepperidge Farm warns. Campbell's Soup Co., which operates Pepperidge Farm, provided a statement to Bloomberg explaining there could be a shortage of certain popular cookies made by the brand due to COVID-19 related issues. This would include cookies like Milano, Chessman, Linzer, and Bordeaux. 

You know what my first thought actually was? What am I going to put in my banana pudding? This might sound crazy, but I actually put Chessman cookies in my banana pudding! Of course, I still use Vanilla Wafers, but I feel like the Chessman cookies add a nice lite razzle dazzle to the recipe. 

Another factor that will play a huge part in this is the fact that there's been a price surge in these cookies. Think about it. So many people stayed home this year that there was a high demand for cookies, thus making cookies the perfect product to raise prices on. Cookie demand has actually risen 25% during the pandemic. 

It was already reported that snacks like Goldfish  had to be produced in surplus due to people buying them like crazy.  Unfortunately, they cannot do the same for cookies. 

I hope Santa didn’t want any of their cookies.




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