Whoa, Hollywood hottie in the area alert. I repeat, there is a Hollywood hottie in the area:

Grey's Anatomy star, Patrick Dempsey, is making his way back to the small screen by filming a TV pilot. It's happening in Morristown, New Jersey all this week, according to MorristownGreen.com.

So exciting.

Eye Productions Inc. of Brooklyn will be filming the pilot episode for a new CBS drama, called "Ways & Means" at St. Peters Episcopal Church on Maple Avenue. Dempsey is also the Executive Producer of the show. It's described as a "Washington D.C. drama."

Heads up if you're in the area, or trying to get a glimpse of Patrick:

The church campus is closed now and will remain closed through Thursday (January 28th) to accommodate production crews. The production company is also using nearby parking for its vehicles today (Tuesday, January 26th) and tomorrow (Wednesday, January 27th) on Maple Avenue, between Community Place and Miller Road, Maple Avenue between Miller Road and Perry Street, and Miller Road between South Street and Maple Avenue, according to Morristown Police.

The article says Dempsey plays a "powerful congressman, fed up with the political system. He secretly teams with an idealistic young congresswoman from across the aisle to break the gridlock."

I never really thought about this before, but the church is paid a fee for allowing the filming crew to shoot there. The church will be using the money for cameras to stream services and events. Wonderful.

If anyone happens to spot Dempsey, let me know. I love this stuff. Lol. I may have to take a drive down there and do some investigating.

I'll let you know what I find out.

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