An unsettling story is developing in Atlantic City: officers have arrested two men for assaulting a New York man over a two day period by reportedly burning his feet with a blowtorch and sticking a fish hook in his mouth.

Atlantic City Police say they were stopped by a man in front of the Public Safety Building just after 1:00 Monday afternoon. The man, only identified as being from New York, told officers he had been tied-up inside an apartment on Georgia Avenue. The man said he was repeatedly punched, his feet were burned with a blow torch, and a fish hook was stuck in his mouth and under his chin.

Following an investigation, 32-year-old Mark Hopewell of Atlantic City and 28-year-old Roberto Alicea of Mays Landing were both arrested. When he was arrested, police say Hopewell was in possession of a small blow torch and a large fish hook was found in the apartment where the assault took place.

The victim, who was robbed of $700, was taken to ARMC-City for treatment.

The identity of a third suspect is actively being investigated. Anyone with information about this incident is urged to contact the Atlantic City Police Department Criminal Investigations Section at (609) 347-5766.

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