Two people who thought they were shortchanged $20, are accused of beating a 7-Eleven clerk in Brick Township Saturday morning, and assaulting an employee who tried to help, according to authorities.

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22-year-old Shamil Hawkins of Brick and 18-year-old Gianna Bozza of Jackson surrendered to Brick Police on Sunday, where they were charged with aggravated assault, endangering an injured victim and criminal mischief, after being stopped by Point Pleasant police, according to Brick Police Sergeant Neal Pedersen.

Hawkins and Bozza returned to the 7-Eleven on Burnt Tavern Road about around 11:30 a.m., about 30 minutes after purchasing several items and accused the clerk of not giving them the correct change, leading to an argument, Pedersen said.

Bozza allegedly threw items at the clerk as Hawkins punched him in the head and knocked him to the ground, according to Pedersen. The clerk suffered a severe head injury when he struck his head on the corner of a floor safe.

Another employee who tried to help the clerk also was assaulted by both Hawkins and Bozza, according to Pedersen.

Both suspects fled in a white SUV, but another customer was able to obtain the license late. Pedersen said that information helped police identify the suspects. Warrants were issued for both individuals.

Their vehicle was stopped a short time later in Point Pleasant and impounded for an expired registration, according to Pedersen.

Hawkins and Bozza both surrendered to authorities Sunday and were taken into custody at Brick Police headquarters. They're bail was set at $50,000, with no ten percent option.

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