Doing a morning show for almost 20 years we are always looking for something new to share with our Listener Friends.

There's a new trend going around called 'Painting Parties' so I pitched the idea and "wham" it was a success!

The way we do something like this is to talk about it, then tell Listner Friends to call and reserve their spots.  Boy, did this fill up quick.

Bey Lea Rehablitation Center offered us a room to hold it in (they are also one of our places where I call bingo and the ONLY place I have cooking classes with Chef Chris).  Next, we needed an artist and that's where Christina Rodriguez came in - what a great find for us!  Young and talented, the name of her buisness is called Tipsy Painting, but in as much as it was the afternoon I didn't want anyone walking out that way so we stuck to soda, water and coffee along with the delicious pizzas ,sausage bread and pumpkin bundt cakes made by Chef Chris.

You can see by the pictures we have some pretty talented Listener Friends and then there was me - not so much - but a great time was had by all and I am so looking forward to doing it again!