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Restrictions are clearly starting to ease in terms of what we can and can’t do during the coronavirus pandemic.

Beaches and boardwalks are starting to reopen with Seaside Heights the latest town that made the announcement starting this Friday although there will be many restrictions in place.  The borough has a two-phase plan and while things will ease in the second phase beginning Memorial Day weekend there will be no swimming allowed through June 30th and no large gatherings or groups plus the boardwalk will be cleared and closed at 11 p.m. daily.

Mayor Anthony Vaz has made it clear that locals and visitors alike will find things very different this summer and they are waiting on additional guidelines from the Governor’s office.

We are at the point where many are questioning why certain businesses are allowed to be open and others remain closed and it does clearly appear that locally owned small businesses are the ones being hurt the most.  Many chain stores have been able to remain open because they are considered “essential” even though you can debate that.

However, I think we are also at the point where many others should be allowed to reopen as long as they follow the same safety and social distancing guidelines in effect.  I still can’t understand why car dealerships remain closed as it makes no sense whatsoever.  Most have large showrooms that can easily provide for safety precautions and to me pose less of a risk than many places that are open now.

What it comes down to is freedom of choice.  There are those people who believe we should basically remain locked in our homes unless otherwise necessary.  There are those who believe that everything should be open we should be able to do whatever we want.

In truth, the majority are probably somewhere in the middle and that’s probably where I am.  I want more things open and the ability to make my own choice and before long that will have to be what happens or I’m afraid things will get ugly. Or should I say even uglier than they are now?

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