Small towns are the charm in a state.

Maybe you love small towns, maybe you love big cities. I prefer small towns with a little ice cream shop right on the corner. Just like the Hallmark Christmas movies, they all take place in a small town.

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Growing up, in a little town in Pennsylvania, was fantastic. Everyone knew everyone and every time I go home to see Mom and the family, it's amazing how it's grown since living there.

Atlantic County, NJ - google maps
Atlantic County, NJ - google maps

Most small towns do grow a little bigger with more houses, more businesses, and not as much empty land as when we were growing up. There's been a lot of growth in Bayville where I live, since moving here about 13 years ago.

There is a small town that was established in 1922 in Atlantic County, called Corbin City. Corbin City is right along the Tackahoe River. The fabulous Ocean City, Nj is just a few miles away. Corbin City is 100 years old. The population of this small town is about 500 residents.

New Jersey has some of the cutest, quaint towns in America. Just to name a few Cranbury, NJ, Montclair, NJ, Princeton, NJ, Spring Lake, NJ, Ocean Grove, NJ, Red Bank, NJ, and so many others.

So, my question to you, do you love a small town? Or, do you love a big city? There are several towns in between and beautiful shore towns where it's empty during different seasons and crowded during the summer months.

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