As of January 1, 2022, The Mission Inn is no longer operating as a bed and breakfast. 


When we have traveled we have stayed a several "bed and breakfast" and I would say each and every time and location we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Each bed and breakfast or “bnb” has its own character and attraction. Depending on location, age, season, etc. The cool thing about bed and breakfast is that the owners always add their own charm to your stay.

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Obviously, it is not only the actual “building” but also the food of a bed and breakfast that makes your stay that much better. You get your lodging and with that a delicious breakfast each morning. All of our bed and breakfast experiences had delicious starts to your day with a full breakfast featuring several dishes and sides plus plenty of coffee and tea etc.

Most of our “bnb” stays also featured great snacks that were out throughout the day and early evening to enjoy. One of our bed and breakfast stays that jumps first into my mind was a stay at a bed and breakfast that was an actual Lighthouse. A historical Lighthouse that was converted into a vacation “bnb” on the Hudson River in New York State. It was amazing to sleep in the historic location and climb the lighthouse to look out over the Hudson. It was location and history that made this an epic stay. It was a delicious breakfast as well. One thing that is fun is meeting other families when you stay because quite often it's family-style dining and you get to meet folks from around the country and the world even at times.

Now as fas as the bed and breakfast that was ranked best in New Jersey and one of the best in America. According to Eat This Not That, The Mission Inn in Cape May was their pick for tops in the Garden State. According to their review "Breakfasts by Leslie are a revelation," one reviewer shared, "We didn't eat lunch a single day we were there because the breakfasts were so filling and creative." Unfortunately, it was revealed to us that as of January 1, 2022, The Mission Inn is no longer operating as a bed and breakfast.

If you have ever stayed at the Mission Inn let us know what you thought and how you enjoyed your stay? Post your comments below :)


As of January 1, 2022, The Mission Inn is no longer operating as a bed and breakfast. 



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