My wife and I were just recently having a debate about the name of a particular breakfast dish. Before we get into the various names, let’s describe the dish so you know what we were talking about. It’s a piece of bread, can be any kind....wheat, rye, marble, white, etc and you remove a rounded section of the middle of the bread. This way there is a hole in the middle. Then on a skillet 🍳, you toast the bread a bit on both sides. By the way, buttering the bread 🍞 on both sides will help give it a nice toast. Then you crack an egg and put it in the middle to fry. Once the egg is cooked give it a quick flip and boom this egg-stravaganza is good to go!

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Sound familiar? I thought so. Recently I was talking to my Mom and she said this dish was my Dad’s favorite. April said her Mom would make these and they enjoyed them as well. I love them too in fact now I’m thinking of making these this weekend. So all was good with our stroll down eggy lane until April said yes I should make some “Popeye Eggs” this weekend... what? What are “Popeye Eggs”? I’m making “Will Rogers” to which April replied, who? LOL, so as you can see we had different names for this dish.

Well, come to find out there are MANY names for the “egg toast” dish. So what is the most popular or “real” name? I believe it’s the “Will Rogers”, but what do YOU think?

Here are some of the names that we found when we searched on the web and there are a lot.....

  • Egg in a Frame
  • Egg in a Window
  • Egg in Jail
  • Birdsnest
  • Toad in a hole (sorry gross!)
  • A man in a raft
  • Peek-a-boo eggs
  • Moon Over Miami
  • Bullseye

Just to name a few. So if you grew up here at the Jersey Shore enjoying this breakfast dish.....WHAT DID YOU CALL IT?

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