A minor from New York City faces charges connected to unfounded threats against a Monmouth County school, according to County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni.

Freehold Township High School
Freehold Township High School (Google Street View)

An arrest was completed in Queens Sunday evening following a probe by Monmouth investigators and police of Freehold Township and New York City.

According to the Prosecutor's office, the teen fabricated a Facebook account, alleging to be a Freehold Township High School student, claiming to live in the township, and threatening a shooting.

Investigators did not specify Freehold Township High School was the target, leaving the detail undisclosed, but they underscored that no students were imperiled at any time.

They did not disclose the time frame in which the posts appeared, nor the defendant's age, nor the court jurisdiction in which the case would proceed.

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