A Morris County jail guard has lost her job and will not be allowed to hold another law enforcement post in the state after admitting she used excessive force on a juvenile inmate.

Katria Thorne-Stevenson pleaded guilty Tuesday in Superior Court in Morristown to simple assault, a low-level disorderly persons offense.

Officials say Thorne-Stevenson punched the underage girl at the Morris County Juvenile Detention Center on Nov. 5 after she had been restrained. The juvenile suffered a bruised and swollen lip.

"The juvenile was handcuffed at the time and there was no justifiable need for force to be used at that point," prosecutors said.

Thorne-Stevenson surrendered Tuesday. As part of the plea agreement, she may not seek a job as a cop or corrections officer again in the state.

She is scheduled to be sentenced April 28.

State records show Thorne-Stevenson earned $40,000 with nearly 10 years on the job.

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