NORTH WILDWOOD -- This Jersey Shore community has adopted a new 'no wake' ordinance for its flood-prone streets.

North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello said the goal is to boost awareness of the dangers posed to both property and motorists when a vehicle drives through half a foot of water or more. Violators of the regulation face a maximum fine of more than $1,000.

Rosenello said residents had repeatedly gotten through heavy rain or storm events with no water damage to their homes, only to report passing vehicles had pushed flood water inside. The mayor said cell phone video capturing a bus sending off a wave of water at a flooded intersection in the city was a final straw in drafting the measure, which was enacted in December.

Rosenello said he expects the maximum fine of $1,250 to be applied to only the most 'egregious' violations. The city also plans to install signs in flood-prone areas, which will light up when water is on the streets.


Ship Bottom on Long Beach Island adopted a similar measure in time for last summer. In May 2018, Mayor William Huelsenbeck told The Sandpaper: "There is no reason for motorists to travel at 30 or 35 mph and send waves into someone’s home.”

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