A friend of mine visits from California and is always amazed each time, that it cost money to enter the beaches at the Jersey Shore.  Well, unless you know a guy.  That is, If you know a guy who knows where to go, then you’re in good shape. I am not talking about slipping the beach tag checkers a "50", I am talking about knowing where on the map of the Jersey Shore towns, beach access is free.  What’s funny is this friend used to live in New Jersey.  Short-term memory, I guess.  But I digress.

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It just so happens I am THAT GUY who knows where to go.  (I’ll take that "50").  These free beaches can mostly be found if you travel south on the Garden State Parkway.  If you ask me, some of those “free” beaches are Jersey’s best-kept secrets.


Of course, everyone knows the Wildwood beaches are free.  I believe they always have been.  At least as long as I can remember.

Atlantic City beach (Dennis Malloy, Townsquare Media NJ)

Maybe you didn’t know that the Atlantic City beaches are also free.

Rich DeSisto

Perhaps my favorite spot is centered right between Sea Isle City and Ocean City.  If you travel too quickly along Ocean Drive between those two shores towns, you’ll miss Strathmere, NJ.

Rich DeSisto

Located in Upper Township, this is my favorite beach of all the shore towns.  No need to worry.  These free beaches also have lifeguards.  Some even parking options that won’t cost a dime.

Rich DeSisto

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