Is "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert sorry for taking aim at President Trump? Nope. The Montclair resident triggered a trending hashtag #FireColbert with a Monday monologue that ended in a string of POTUS insults. Colbert was reacting to the President slamming CBS' "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson, to his face. But critics zeroed in on one graphic, censored line uttered by Colbert about Trump and Russia's president.

On Wednesday, Colbert assured viewers that President Trump can take care of himself, noting "I have jokes, he has the launch codes." Colbert did admit he would "change some words, that were crude than they needed to be."

Critics have slammed the one line from Monday's 10-minute opener as being homophobic.

Fans of Colbert argue the backlash is rife with hypocrisy, in light of other crude language (namely the infamous Billy Bush tape), being waved off as "locker room talk."

The attention comes as Colbert has spent the week pulling double duty at the Montclair Film Festival. He and his wife are among "Mogul" supporters, donating $25,000 or more to the annual event. The film festival wraps up on Sunday.

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