They formed at Rutgers University in 1969, rehearsed in a barn in Glen Gardner, and scored a number 1 hit a few years later for Columbia's Epic Record subsidiary. They're LOOKING GLASS and their biggest hit, "Brandy," is prominently featured in the soundtrack for the Guardians of the Galaxy II in theaters this weekend. It has also been used in other films and TV shows over the years, but has never been such an integral part. In fact, Kurt Russell's on-screen character called it "possibly Earth's finest composition." Lead singer, Elliot Lurie greatly appreciates the royalties this brings. The song has the distinction of making Barry Manilow change the name of his first hit from "Brandy" to "Mandy." The band scored one other Top 40 follow-up hit, "Jimmy Loves Maryann" - it received a LOT of local airplay then, but is rarely heard today. Click on the link below to see the band in their heyday.

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