Happy birthday to New Jersey's own PEGGY SANTIGLIA RICKER who turns 74 today. She began with a group called the Delicates and her songs with that group got lots of airplay thanks to Murray the K, but her biggest claim to fame came in 1963 when she took over as the lead singer for the Angels. This group had previously had a couple of hits such as "Till" and "Cry, Baby, Cry," but reached the acme of their career when Peggy became the new lead vocalist. She and the girls reached #1 on the charts with a song titled "My Boyfriend's Back" written by the prolific Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer team (they later recorded as the Strangeloves and had a hit with the original version of "I Want Candy.") See Peggy and the Angels on The Ed Sullivan Show performing their gold single by clicking below.


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