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An anti-distracted driving group is about to launch a contest for students in schools affiliated with the Students Against Destructive Decisions campaign, asking them to create a meme and a video with a message.

Joel Feldman's daughter was killed on an Ocean City street in 2009 by a distracted driver. He founded End Distracted Driving and travels to schools to tell students how dangerous driving distractions are. Feldman says as highway deaths rise, "those attributed to distracted driving are increasing at a faster percentage than those attributable to drunk driving, drowsy driving, failing to wear a seat belt and speeding."

End Distracted Driving's offering a $5,000 first prize for the best meme and $5,000 more for the best video with the anti-distracted message. Concert tickets also are included in the prizes. Feldman says they are working with Students Against Destructive Decisions, The American Association for Justice and his law firm in Philadelphia to set up this contest.

Feldman says students will have videos that are under a minute that will have to address particular points: "Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Distracted," "It Is Not Cool To Drive Distracted," "Distracted Driving is Selfish Driving."

"If you think back to what we did with drunk driving, we have made drunk driving socially unacceptable. We are not there, of course, with distracted driving, but we need to do the same."

They will will announce the winner on April 14, as part of April's Distracted Driving Month programs.

Feldman also advises parents to set a good example about not driving distracted.

"I want them to be the driver they want their teen to be, each and every time that they get in the car."

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