TRENTON — Winter won't let go of New Jersey

Part 2 of this week's nor'easter will close schools on Wednesday, stretching school calendars already laden with used snow days.

Many state courts and government offices also will be closed as a result of Gov. Phil Murphy declaring a state of emergency. Only essential government workers are required to report to work Wednesday.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said the snow will spread and intensify through the Wednesday morning commute.

"By about 9 a.m., bands of very heavy snow become possible, pushing road conditions downhill very quickly," Zarrow said.

The afternoon commute will be bad as snow could potentially accumulate at an inch per hour by the evening.

Temperatures will be near-freezing, meaning the snow will be wet and heavy. Also expect wind gusts of 40 mph in the interior of the state and 50 mph gusts along the coast.