LINDEN — An expletive-filled argument on board a school bus led to an aide being fired.

An edited video of the verbal confrontation aired by News 12 New Jersey highlights the aide accusing the student, said to be a 9-year-old boy, of behaving badly in front of his parents.

The video jumps to the aide claiming the boy is beaten by his parents.


"I bet they beat your (expletive) every night. I know your father does," the aide says to the student.

The video cuts again to the aide challenging the student to "say it again" in reference to profanity he used towards her.

"Call me (expletive). Say it again. How dare you. I'll put your (expletive) head through that window if you say it again," she says.

The News 12 report said the video was taken by another student on the bus, but no credit was given. It was not disclosed when the incident took place or what school the children attend.

The boy's parents have also reported the incident to police, according to the report. A spokesman for Linden Police said the incident is under investigation by the department's Juvenile Aid Bureau.

Linden Schools Superintendent Danny Robertozzi told News 12 that the aide worked for a company contracted by the district and she had been fired, and said he was "appalled" at the way the student was treated.

A spokesman for Linden Schools did not immediately return a message about the incident.