It's a beautiful day here in South Jersey.

We haven't had warm temperatures like this in such a long time. We knew the weather predictions for Wednesday said to anticipate some beautiful weather, but what we failed to foresee was the disappointment it would bring once we realized how long we still have to wait for this weather to return for good.

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The winter's great and all as long as there's snow to show for it. Once the snow's gone, I say it's time for the beach. Today's weather is such a tease for all summer outdoor enthusiasts. It makes me experience two emotions. The first is excitement knowing that my days trapped inside are numbered. The second is the fact that I still have to practice patience while waiting for the warm weather to return for the spring, summer, and early fall seasons.

I don't do well trapped inside during the winter months. Don't let anyone ever tell you that the winter blues aren't real because I'm here to attest to the contrary. It's probably not the healthiest mindset to be caught up in, depressed that my outdoor activities are suspended for at least another month or two, but it is what it is. It's not that I can't enjoy hikes or walks along the beach; I absolutely can. I'm just not a huge fan of the cold. I can't wait until jackets are no longer a requirement.

Since today's temperatures have been such a tease, I decided to check in with South Jersey residents to see what they're missing the most about the summer months. You can add yours below, too!

Summer, please come quickly!

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