Donald Trump claimed victory in the wee hours Wednesday morning. But New Jersey wasn't asleep.

As Trump supporters rejoiced online, supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton expressed sadness, anger, disappointment and fear. Many are also replacing their profile pictures with a black square to show their unhappiness with the result.

Among the reactions from New Jersey notable figures and everyday residents, collected both after Trump's victory and in the hours leading up to it:

Bonnie Rendina of Hamilton: “I think he ... says his opinion and doesn’t think what anybody else thinks, which sometimes I think is great, but being a politician, that’s scary.”

Rich Shaminski of Ewing: A Trump win, he said, would have him “hopeful but wary. He’s unknown. Actually, I’m hopeful he’ll do good, but we don’t know yet.”

Brian McNeil of Ewing: “We will work through this and in four more years we’ll try to elect someone else. Unless he does a 180 degrees, I don’t foresee him being helpful to the people."

Betsy Coast of Robbinsville: If Trump were to win, she said, “(I'll) move to New Zealand with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I couldn’t bear to be in a country ruled by someone like him and with people who think it’s okay to have someone like him.”

Carter Myers of Trenton: "He’s a little bit of a wild card so I don’t really know what to be able to expect there. His temper is pretty bad. He doesn’t look like the ... president who would run this country.”

One tweet picked up on Trump's past New Jersey connection as owner of the New Jersey Generals football team  in the USFL in the 1980s.

Gladys Feliciano of Ewing: “Donald doesn’t even respect women or anything. You know, how can you put somebody up there that is going to flip out? It’s not a better America.”

John Toth of Ewing: “I really like the fact that he’s been elected, and I hope he will do everything that he has said he will do, even build the wall. We need change, he can bring the change.”

Scott Baio, who spoke during the Republican National Convention, was pleased with Trump's victory:

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