NEWARK – A former corrections officer who accidentally shot a 17-year-old bystander on his street was sentenced to five years in prison.

Aaron L. Milliner was off duty on June 28, 2015, when his roommate told him he heard gunfire on their street. Milliner then took his gun with him to find the person responsible. When he found the person he believed to be the shooter, he shot several times in their general direction, prosecutors said.

While he missed the person he was following, there were other people in the area, including the 17-year-old girl who was hit, officials said. The girl was hit once but survived.

"We believe that this guilty plea and the recommended sentence is an appropriate resolution given the senseless act of violence perpetuated by Milliner that could have easily killed the juvenile victim," said Assistant Prosecutor Alex Albu.

Due to the No Early Release Act, and as part of his plea deal, Milliner must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence before he becomes parole eligible.

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