We have been accused of being a lot of things here in New Jersey, but being quiet has quite frankly never been one of them.

And there is good reason no one would accuse to Garden State of being quiet about, well, anything. It's because we're not. We're not quiet at all. We are literally the opposite of quiet.

Congratulations to all my friends here in the Garden State. We have just been crowned as the single loudest state in the entire nation. And there's science to back up this outlandish allegation.

BestLife did all the research, and there is no denying it. Thee is no country in the entire nation that's pumping out more noise than we are here in New Jersey. So, just how loud are we?

Based on their calculations, which takes into account the number of airplane flights, the population density, number of cars per capita and construction spending, New Jersey's loudness score is an even 100.00.

Just to put it in perspective, the #2 loudest state, Virginia, is about 20 points lower at 79.44. Yes, New Jersey is the only state with a Loudness Score over 100 in the whole country. But what about New York and California and Illinois, you know the states with big cities and big population and traffic?

Here are their scores...

New York ranks #7 with a sore of 69.00.

California comes in at #15 with a 60.89 score.

Illinois is #12 on the study, boasting a 65.26 loudness.

And by the way, our neighbors in Pennsylvania made the top10 at #9 with 66.91.

So, maybe we're talking about planes and traffic and construction here, right? That doesn't mean the people of the Garden State are the loudest. No, it doesn't. But guess what? Another study says we are the loudest people in the country as well.

According to Zippia, New Jersey ranks as the state with the loudest people in America. And to that I say, so what? We're loud and we should be proud of it. I grew up in an Italian family, and trust me, loud is not a negative.

I can remember holidays when there were 18 people at the tabla and 14 conversations going on simultaneously. Don't try to do the math. If you weren't loud, you weren't heard. I think we should be proud of our loudness.

Oh, sorry, were you driving by construction near an airport and overhearing 5 conversations? I said, "BE PROUD OF OUR LOUDNESS".

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