We all have our strengths. Apparently, for this Freehold Township family, theirs don't fall within the realms of the outdoors.

A family from Monmouth County thought they were in for a lovely Easter weekend hike when the decided to ascend Tumbledown Mountain on Saturday. Great name for a mountain, isn't it? Certainly inspires a lot of confidence.....

NJ.com reports that this family of four wasn't exactly prepared for the severity that can come with hiking mountains outside of our state. Climbing Tumbledown Mountain in Maine is a far different experience from climbing Mount Tammany in New Jersey or Mount Minsi in PA. For one, the conditions in Maine can still be dangerous and icy this time of year. If you're not prepared for that, as the sun comes down, you could face some trouble.

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That's exactly what happened here as NJ.com says they lost sight of the trailhead once it started to get dark. The family had to call 911 and wait for emergency services to locate them. Once found, a fire had to be started to warm everyone up before they could be lead back down the mountain.

A game warden that was interviewed confirmed that the family hadn't been well-enough prepared for the conditions they faced while attempting to climb Tumbledown Mountain. In addition to not being dressed properly, they didn't pack enough food or water to hold them over should any "what-if" scenario actually come to fruition. This time, it did.

Luckily, everyone made it back down the mountain safely without anything harmed besides maybe an ego or two.

Lesson learned here? Know your terrain and somewhat prepare for a "what-if" scenario when hiking somewhere unfamiliar.

Source: NJ.com

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