MANCHESTER — After a woman alerted police that a car with blue and red strobe lights in its grill had followed her, police say they have found the person responsible [for what?]

The woman reported seeing the suspicious vehicle near her home on Sunday, and thought it might have been a police car. She told police after the incident that while the car was following her it flashed red and blue lights, which she thought was for a traffic stop. The woman was able to take a picture of the car, which police determined did not belong to their department.

"Although cases involving police impersonators are generally rare, you should always be diligent, attentive and aware of your surroundings when being signed to stop by an unmarked vehicle," the department said.

After posting the picture on Facebook, the department got several good tips from the public, leading to a gray 2005 Ford Taurus owned by 51-year-old township resident Salvatore C. Giglio, police said. Officers from the Manchester Police Department contacted Giglio at his home on Tuesday. The car in question had been altered since the weekend, including having the lights removed from the grill and a metal badge taken out of the windshield, the department said.

Despite those alterations, it was determined that Giglio's vehicle was the one involved in the Sunday incident. He was charged with impersonating a police officer, possession of pepper spray in excess of the legal limit, and destruction of evidence, along with other motor vehicle offenses. Police also seized his car as evidence.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Detective Sgt. Christopher Hemhauser at 732-657-2009 ext. 4207.

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