MIDDLETOWN — A public college in Monmouth County has apologized to a conservative student whose professor told him to "f*** your life" during a conversation about sexual harassment.

A classmate of Christopher Lyle provided New Jersey 101.5 with video last week showing sociology professor Howard Finkelstein slamming his desk and uttering the profanity.

Lyle and his classmate told New Jersey 101.5 that Finkelstein has singled out Lyle for ridicule and berates him for his political beliefs.

“The goal of the class is to fight bias and fight prejudice but he is probably one of the most biased and prejudiced people,” Lyle said. “He has said that he does not like Christian men."

"He’s been targeting mainly white men. I'm definitely his No. 1 target."

Another student also said Finkelstein has repeatedly and needlessly used a racial slur for black people.

The school on Wednesday issued a statement acknowledging that Finkelstein "acted in an uncivil manner."

"We apologize to this student and to all students in the classroom for the way in which this faculty member behaved. The matter remains under investigation by the college’s administration. We are confident that we will reach a conclusion soon and determine an appropriate course of action."

The college's statement comes a day after the Republican leaders of the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders said that they were confident that school administrators would "ensure that no student at Brookdale will be subjected to a hostile environment on their campus."

Finkelstein has not returned requests seeking comment.

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