EAST AMWELL — A shelter has rescued a feral cat whose head got stuck in a mayonnaise jar.

The rescue began with a panicked phone call from someone who sounded "fairly hysterical" about trying to catch a  black-and-white cat near a Readington farm, according to Tabby's Cat Executive Director Jonathan Richman.

Richman sent staffers to the address, where a woman said she had been feeding lots of cats.

"It took about about day to get him. Despite having the jar on his head it didn't make him easier to catch," Richman said, adding that its disposition was not the most pleasant.

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The cat was named Hellman's after the brand on the jar. The name was chosen over suggestions of "Jarhead" and "Jar Jar" because he was neither a Marine nor a Gungan, according to Angela Hartley, the development director at Tabby's Place.

Hartey said that Hellman's was feral and didn't want to caught. But when Hellman's stuck its head up from between two boards, Hartley grabbed him and placed him in a carrier.

The veterinarian was at first concerned that Hellman's was dehydrated but that wasn't the case.

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"I've seen cats stuck in a wall go for long periods (without food or water)," Richman said.

Hartley said Hellman's was released onto the farm.

"He was very happy to be away from us stinking humans," Richman joked. He said returning him to the farm was the best thing for Hellman's and the only place he'll truly be happy.

Hellman's never lost its "feisty spirit" throughout the ordeal, which also included being chipped, neutered and vaccinated as part of Tabby's Cat Trap, Neuter and Release program.

If the cat ever becomes ill, it will always receive care from Tabby's Place.

"He's part of the Tabby's Cat extended family," Hartley said.

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