If you are flying over the Thanksgiving weekend, be ready for delays, especially out of our local airports.

David Ascienzo, data scientist for the consumer website ValuePenguin, says the site rates Newark Liberty International Airport No. 1 for delays in the nation.

"Obviously, the Thanksgiving season, going into the holiday season is a really popular time for travel," he said.  "I think that a lot of people come to expect that. With more crowded roads and airways, that means that it is easier for trips to get delayed.

Palm Beach International Airport came in a close second for delays.

LaGuardia, JFK and Philadelphia International also came in in the top 10 for delays before Thanksgiving.

Other airline watchers predict this Thanksgiving travel will be heavier than recent years. Airlines for America says U.S. airlines are planning for more than 30 million people to travel between Nov. 16 and 27.

Ascienzo's advice?

"Get to the airport early and hopefully your departure, your air, your flight departs on time. But if not, maybe bring something with you like a book or a mobile device to keep yourself entertained while you are waiting for your flight."


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