It is not an overstatement to say that things are a little crazy right now in the world.

There’s nonstop talk of a third world war.  Even conversations have gone as far as nuclear war.

Living in New Jersey, when you hear words like “nuclear war” your ears definitely perk up.  Why?  Well, the first target you think of is a massive city, some 70 miles north of us.

So, what do you do when you see that ominous glow in the sky?  Do you run?  Do you try and take a picture (you know who you are)?

First off, the good news, if a nuke goes off in New York, the chances of it affecting us are pretty low.  At least at first.

Nuclear Detention Simulator


There’s actually a simulator that shows certain impacts. So, yes, according to this simulator, we may have a chance, unless it is one of the biggest bombs ever made, then it could be a very bad day for Monmouth and parts of Ocean County.

NYC Emergency Management, YouTube
NYC Emergency Management, YouTube

All cities go through an emergency preparedness exercise.  Most of the time, something happens that causes organizations and cities to evaluate their checklists.

It looks like New York City’s Emergency Management went through their nuclear handbook and said “we need an update.”

So, they did.

The New York City Nuclear PSA helps you prepare for the unthinkable.

The minute-and-a-half PSA feels very much like an airline safety video.   So, to me, it doesn’t give me a sense of urgency or panic.  The narrator offers pretty simple steps.

They go through the steps of what to do if you are outside, what to do once inside, and how to stay updated.

Yes, that is it.  You can see it now and would love to know your thoughts on it through our free app.

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