So this week I wrote a few articles about new housing projects coming to Ocean County, in particular, Toms River and Lakewood and many of you on social media asked "what about new shopping options?"

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Well in my travels here in Northern Ocean County this week I spotted signs for a new shopping option. It's called "The Row at Toms River" and it's located between Cox Cro Road and Hickory Street on Route 9 in Toms River.

The motto of the new shopping center is "Shop, Eat, Gather" and it will offer these options to residents here in Ocean County. Their website doesn't say much about what stores will be coming, but leasing options are available for business owners to inquire about.


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So this new shopping center "The Row at Toms River" is coming, but the question is for you....what would YOU like to see in this new shopping center? What type of store and eateries do you think are needed for this section of Toms River?

If you could select the businesses that would occupy this location, what would you recommend? It's kinda like a blank canvas and maybe suggestions from area residents will influence builders as to who comes into this new shopping option in Toms River.

High-end shops? like clothing and jewelry or everyday convenience shops like coffee shops, drug stores, etc? Also what kind of restaurants? Full-service eateries? Sandwich shops, pizza, Fast food? what eating options are not present currently in Ocean County, that you would like to dine at?

Post your recommendations below, we always welcome your feedback, and let's see what comes to the new "Row at Toms River" in days to come.....


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