Each state in America has am iconic holiday cookie, so which  tops their list for the Garden State?

Delish recently publishes a list of the most iconic holiday cookies in each state in the nation, and they decided that, for the Garden State it isn't one cookie, but more like a group of cookies.

Of course, nothing is straightforward in the Garden State, but I'm pretty sure you won't be mad at their choice. I know I'm not. Their selection for New Jersey's most iconic holiday cookies...Italian cookies.

That choice includes delicious varieties like pignoli, biscotti and rainbow cookies. Or as my Nana used to say 'pin-yo-lee', 'bish-cuth-uh' and triple deckers. In my family, as I'm sure in many others around the Garden State, each of those cookies are a holiday staple.

So, in my mind, Delish made a great choice, but don't be upset if your favorite cookie didn't top the New Jersey list, don't worry. No cookie could ever be considered a wrong answer, so it's all good.

In New Jersey, cookies are a lot like pizza places and diners. There are a lot of them and we love them all.

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