Tony Stark? Olivia Pope? Darth Vader? None of those were named New Jersey's favorite fictional boss. You might be surprised who was!

National Boss's Day is Sunday, October 16th. To mark the occasion, Grand Canyon University recently had a team of researchers analyze Google Trends Seach Date over a period of a year to put together a list of America's most popular fictional bosses.

Grand Canyon says the mark of a superior supervisor isn't hard to spot, writing, 'Good bosses instruct their team while great bosses get into the ring and lead by example.' Even if those examples are in the form of misguided motivational speeches like the ones given by 'The Office' head honcho Michael Scott.

While Jack McCoy of 'Law & Order', Leslie Knope of 'Parks & Rec', and 'The Godfather Saga's Michael Corleone made the list, here in New Jersey our favorite fictional boss comes from the TV series 'Suits'. Yeah, the one that used to star Prince Harry's wife Meghan Markle.

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The most popular fictional boss in the Garden State is the 'Suits' character Jessica Peason!

Hypnotic/Universal Cable Productions/Dutch Oven via iMDb
Hypnotic/Universal Cable Productions/Dutch Oven via iMDb

She was played by Gina Torres for nine seasons before getting her own 'Pearson' spin-off series for one season.

Grand Canyon University via GoFish Digital
Grand Canyon University via GoFish Digital

Check out the full findings!

Big shout out to all the bosses out there! Who's your favorite fictional boss? Let us know!

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