According to a recent survey, female drivers are better than male drivers in the Garden State, but not by much.

According to the survey, reported at, one thousand New Jersey drivers were polled, 500 men and 500 women, and women drivers got the nod in a pretty close battle (40.2% to 37.7%).

If you're doing the math on that, you may be wondering where all the other votes went, and this might be the most unusual part of the whole survey. A little over one in five voters (22%) said the safest bet is a self driving car.

When 1 in 5 people say the safest car on the road is a car that drives itself says a lot about what drivers in New Jersey really think about other drivers in New Jersey. Deep down, we kind of knew that, right?

The survey was done by the insurance company Plymouth Rock, For the record, about 68% of women say women are the safest drivers, and 59% of men chose themselves as the safest.

When it comes to Jersey Shore driving, it's hard to figure out in my opinion. One thing I do think is true...there are more good drivers than bad drivers at the Jersey Shore. What do you think?

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