It's time to see who's a New Jersey expert with the latest edition of New Jersey Super Tough Trivia.

Some of the New Jersey trivia questions have been pretty easy, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's fun being right once in a while. But this one is for those of you who complained that our questions were too simple and you wanted a challenge..

So we found a question that is challenging, maybe too challenging. This one is going to take some thought and imagination on your part. Can you take three vague clues and turn them into a correct answer?

The clues we are going to give you are being "told" by a body part of a New Jersey celebrity, so here we go and good luck.

Clue #1 Our "person" was the second, but we were the third and fourth.

Clue #2 We were part of 12 and 11.

Clue #3 We were pretty useful to our person on a TV show, too.

Remember, this internationally known person was born in New Jersey, and that's the only additional clue you'll get. These are tough clues, but it will make perfect sense to you when you get or hear the answer.

We'll announce the answer soon, and remember, googling this is cheating so try to get it on your own!

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