We’re all so used to being on the go nonstop that we forget to find time for ourselves throughout the day. I know this all too well and honestly, I want to consciously make an effort to implement more self-care tactics into my routine.

The gurus on Instagram make it look so easy when you’re scrolling and come across those “day in my life” posts where they claim they wake up at 6 am, workout, do an hour of yoga, 45 minutes of meditation, journal, and go to therapy all while eating healthy in one day.

To me, having a schedule like this isn’t doable and I’m not even a parent or homeowner yet. Once you pass that threshold where you have to care for a house and/or children, most of your self-care tactics go right out of the window. On top of all of the normal stresses of everyday life, we’re in a tough spot with the holidays coming up.


I say this all the time, the holiday season is THE most stressful time of year and it’s so easy to not make time for yourself, but we’re all going to come together and change that, NJ! If you aren’t doing any sort of self-care during your week, you should try to take New Jersey’s Most Popular Self-Care activity and implement it into your daily routine.

Trust me, it isn’t anything super fancy or anything and is extremely doable. If you want to get into the most popular self-care routine in our state, all you have to do is journal.

Journaling is such a good way to decompress after a stressful day and apparently, so many New Jersey residents agree! I thought this was so funny because New Jersey is known for being loud and expressing their opinions and journaling requires you to keep your thoughts private.

It’s not only in New Jersey, journaling is apparently one of the most favored self-care tactics in the entire country. 34 other states agree! The more you know.

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