Is it just me, or are there more ding-dongs out there driving at night with broken headlights lately?

In the past two weeks or so during my nightly commute home from Central Jersey, into Philadelphia, and into South Jersey, I've noticed more drivers driving at night with broken/dimmed headlights

Which is SO dangerous!

Headlights of cars driving in fog at night
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Only a few nights ago, I was driving in the left lane of I-295 when I saw two extremely dim headlights in my rearview mirror speeding up to ride my bumper. Seriously?? What kind of person has the nerve to come rolling up on someone like that with broken night!? All of the audacity and none of the common sense. I can't tell you how many four-letter words I've uttered in my car lately. "[D]ucking idiot" is my new catch-phrase.

Young angry man driving his vehicle
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If fact, if you know your headlight or taillights are broken, you shouldn't be driving at all!! Especially at night! If you have somewhere to be, at the very least, you better get there before nightfall so other drivers can SEE your flippin' car!

Just last week I saw a completely unlit Jeep driving in the left lane of I-95. Mind you, it was around 7pm in October! The car was practically invisible. Normally, I try not to interact with other vehicles while I'm driving, but I felt compelled enough to flash my bright beams at the car from behind, hoping my "Hey! Turn your car lights on!" would translate. It did not.

Driving around here in New Jersey and surrounding areas is already sketchy enough. Many Jersey/Philly drivers generally like to label themselves as straight-forward, no-nonsense drivers, with a -"We're not aggressive! You just don't know what you're doing"- type attitude. It's time to get over that. Because based on what I've seen on our roads lately, nobody has a right to say that.

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