One of the effects of the pandemic and the quarantining we are going through has been weight gain for many of us.

It's honestly not our fault. We were all forced to eat what was around the house. In many instances there was much less exercising, especially with our inability to get to the gym, and we really couldn't stick to a diet with all that was going on.

We now refer to it as the quarantine 15, but many are afraid they may have even surpassed that. So, we avoid the scale at all costs. But a recent study may help us here in the Garden State.

WalletHub has listed the most obese states in the nation, and after the way many of us have been eating lately, we might not want to know. But, here's a bit of good news. We did not make the top 10 obese states.

We didn't make the top 20 either. And before you throw out the rest of that donut, we didn't even make the top 30. New Jersey ranks as the 35th most obese state.  The study counted D.C., so technically we are the 17th least obese state in America.

Let's be honest. Most of us thought we'd do much worse in this one, and we didn't. So, we can breathe a sigh of relief. And a lot of us have gotten back to being more health conscious, so things are looking good.

Here are a couple of the rankings that helped us stay away from the top of this list....

Lowest % of Obese Adults...New Jersey ranks as the 4th lowest state in the nation.

Lowest % of Adults Eating Less Than 1 Serving of Fruits and Vegetables Per Day... We are the 5th best state in America.

Weight gain has certainly been an issue all over the country. According to Yale Medicine, people have gained anywhere from 5 to 30lbs during the pandemic. They say you can put on 30 lbs in less than three months.

So, we hope things get better and we can get back to our normal routine, but if we go through another round of this, maybe we can have more healthy stuff stocked up. Either way, the crazy times continue, but we're glad to be among the more fit states in the country.

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