When a story like this break, you must just shake your head and think “what is wrong with people?”

You definitely have to feel for the team.  All they want to do is play and the last thing they need to worry about is their concession stand being ruined for no reason, at all.

Is this a case of “kids will be kids” or did someone truly do this in true malice?

Regardless, a crime happened and a team is reaching out to our community to try and find the suspect or suspects.

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The Howell South Little League team is in desperate need of your help to find a person or persons responsible for vandalization.

According to News 12’s Lauren Due, the alert went out that their snack stand was not only vandalized but broken into and items were stolen.

You can see from the photos of the Howell South Little League that the front doors were folded up and it appears that there was forced entry.

Our community is the best when it comes to rallying around those in need.

Your help is needed to find the people who vandalized this stand.  The Howell South Little League is ready to give up "$300 and 1 Year of Free Registration, according to the league's Facebook, to identify the suspects.  If you know any information, you are asked to contact Howell South Little League through their email at howellsouthll@gmail.com or the Howell Township Police Department, please, the non-emergency number at (732) 938-4111"

This wasn’t a case of someone having fun at the team's expense, this was purely a crime and the team is ready to get to the bottom of it.  If you have any information, you have a chance to help.


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