I woke up this morning, grabbed my vitamin infused coffee and hit the road at 3:30am to get to the show.  On the way I took my fish oils, ran my to-do list though my brain, ate a responsible breakfast and started thinking about all the things I needed to get done today.  We are always trying to make ourselves better aren't we?  It's a never ending and sometimes discouraging battle.

After the radio shows, there's lots of behind the scenes work, then I usually get home by around 2pm. Then I have to gear up for my freelance jobs while I take care of my girls.  We can add cleaning the house and making dinner in there, helping with homework, being a mom-taxi etc.  In one form or another this is like so many other working moms out there.  I'm so lucky, I love what I do but I'm human and I do get tired, sometimes defeated.  This morning when I saw a post it note of inspiration in my work bag, I thought to share it with you.  I hope it gives you the support you need today.  I don't know who needs to hear this right now but FIGHT THE MONSTER.

What does fight the monster mean?  About a year ago my youngest daughter, Fia was struggling in school.  She did not understand the work and she was too embarrassed to admit that so she simply did not do it, hoping it would just go away. Once her teacher and I caught up, I realized how behind she was and it was overwhelming.  That is when we had a heart to heart talk.

I explained that the things that intimidate us in life and give us fear/anxiety actually create a monster. That monster feeds on those emotions and grows bigger and bigger if we never face him.  I told her that it is going to be scary, but she has to not only face the monster, she has to fight him.

I'm proud to say that those words resonated with Fia and yesterday she brought home an A on her math test.  We faced the monster and made him very small.  She never misses an opportunity to remind me to do the same. This post it note was in my work bag this morning.  She must have sensed that I needed it.

Note from Shannon Holly's daughter Fia
Note from Shannon Holly's daughter Fia

Let this be a reminder to face whatever it is that scares you head on. Things that loom in the back of our brains do more damage than the scars you may get in the actual fight.

Is there someone reading this that's on their way to get treatment at the hospital?

Is there someone out there too scared to leave an unhealthy relationship?

What about the person waking up this morning preparing to get dismantled by their abusive boss?

You can do this.  Remember you cannot have faith and fear at the same time.

Do not fear.

Whatever it is, you have to face it. I'll be there with you fighting the monster.

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