When it comes to average household income, very few places in America rank higher than New Jersey.

Recently, lovemoney.com compared the average household income in each state and D.C., and New Jersey ranks 3rd highest in America, with only Connecticut and D.C. having higher numbers than we do in the Garden State.

According to this study, the average household income in New Jersey is $101,634, making us the third highest and also making us one of only 4 states over the $100,000 mark, with Maryland being the fourth.

Of course, this data doesn't exactly make us rich because the prices of so many things in the state are sky high, so I guess it's all relative. But it still feels good, even for a minute, for New Jersey to rank high in a study about something positive.

Our average surpassed neighboring states, with New York at $89,397, Pennsylvania with $75,235 and Delaware at $80,432. The numbers were based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau, according to msn.com.

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