There are a lot of things that were New Jersey firsts in the history of the Garden State and we recently quizzed you on some of them.

What we did was give you the name of the town and the year the first happened and all you had to to was tell us which "first" matched the year and location. So let's see how you did.

Check out the list of New Jersey firsts including the answer, according to and see how many of them you got right. I think if you managed to get three of them, you should consider that a Garden State victory.

Hoboken 1846 - The first organized baseball game ever took place

West Orange 1889 - Thomas Edison developed the first movie

Atlantic City 1921 - The first ever Miss America was crowned

Menlo Park 1879 - Another Thomas Edison moment...he invented the light bulb

Atlantic City 1870 - The building of the world's first boardwalk

There were many other fun New Jersey firsts and if you want to see more of them, you should check out for a comprehensive list. Thanks for playing along and if you got some of them right, congratulations!

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