The news that the cost of living in New Jersey is ridiculous is not news to any of us. But exactly how much higher it is than the rest of the nation may be.

The reason the cost of living is so high in the Garden State, according to, is housing, and here are some numbers that will make you a little nauseous.

According to the research, housing costs in New Jersey are 50% higher than the national mean, That's right, 50% higher.  And you know that's bad but you also know it's not the only jaw dropping prices we encounter.

The article says that our "miscellaneous expenses" are over 14% higher than the national average. add all this up and the folks at say our overall cost of living is 21% higher than the rest of the country.

This isn't about loving New Jersey or not. Most of us love where we live. We're near the beach, we have nice neighbors and great restaurants. But that doesn't stop us from feeling like we throw our hard earned money out the window when we hear these numbers.

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