New Jersey residents know we're friendly, but we're apparently the only ones who know it. New Jersey barely made the list of Top 50 Friendliest States in America.

I love the headline because it says it all. We know how many states there are, but would it really surprise us if we weren't on this list at all? Not after all the bad publicity New Jersey regularly gets on the national stage.

Let's get down to all the details of this latest dim look at the state we love so much. It's the most recent list from the website Big Seven Travel. It actually came out in late 2019. Remember 2019? That was when the only masks we wore were on Halloween and we only social distanced when someone had garlic for lunch.

Getting back to the results, New Jersey ranked dangerously close to the bottom of this list and is now proudly known as the 46th Friendliest State in America. I know what you're thinking. You need to know who ranked lower, right?

Here they are (from 47 to 50)...Massachusetts, Delaware, Arkansas and landing at #50 - New York. Exactly what is going on in those states to put them below us for friendliness? Our downfall in the survey was our "in your face" attitude, so maybe theirs is even worse.

And now it's my time for me to stick up for my New Jersey family. I absolutely and completely disagree with the whole thing. Yes, we have attitude, but it's not a negative. We say what we think and we don't dance around it. We're not phony.

I think that "attitude" gives us a bad reputation, but anybody who has ever spent more that two minutes with a real New Jersey resident will know you'd have a hard time finding a state with a bigger heart, or a more generous state. Or a friendlier state.

So, if you'd rather skip the phony, and get right to the point, New Jersey is the state for you. Yes you'll get an occasional dose of rude, but it will just make you appreciate the "friendly" even more.

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